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In 2005 I went on a trip to Egypt entitled ‘The Awakening of Divine Purpose’. I heard about it through Sandra Makein, a healer who was part of the organising team. She was a friend of Damian, the young channeller who would be taking us round the sacred sites and leading us in meditations and guided visualisations, while we tried not to faint in the searing heat.

The high point was the evening that Damian channelled each member’s individual divine purpose. The information was recorded and each of us subsequently received a CD, produced by Paul Foss,  which included, not only our divine purpose, but the whole group singing in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

I have to say, that when I first heard the words Damian spoke, I couldn’t understand what the heck I was supposed to be devoting the rest of my life to. My channelling came from the Seraphim_-_Petites_Heures_de_Jean_de_Berry[1]Seraphim who declared that my mastery was that of ‘healing the atomic blueprint of all beings’. I had to ‘manifest forth unto the world sound codes of light to assist all beings to birth a memory of the original pattern of their atomic structure…to assist in the healing and transformation of cellular disorder…to perceive the sacred geometry that makes up their form.’       There was more in a similar vein, equally incomprehensible to me.

After the session, it was clear that everyone was dying to discuss their messages further. I managed to nab Damian the next day to ask him what it meant in practical terms, but the trouble is, channellers often don’t remember the communication itself. So I repeated what I could remember of it and he told me it was concerned with an aspect of healing connected to the body’s sacred geometry.

I had an ‘O’ level in maths but that hadn’t covered sacred geometry. On top of that, I felt strangely disappointed at the task I’d been given, which seemed to be hands-on healing. I’d previously attempted to give Reiki treatments, but the wooden treatment table had been a bad choice: too low and too heavy. My efforts might have benefited the recipients, but had resulted in back and neck ache for yours truly.

Enoch, William Blake

Enoch, William Blake lithograph

Fast-forward to 2011 when I had an urge to write a novel, Transforming Pandora, with a spiritual aspect. There is a supernatural character in that book called Enoch, who communicates with Pandora via automatic writing. The language I used for him was based on the elaborate language that came through when Damian channelled.

A year or so later, I started a second novel featuring the same main character. I wanted her to become a healer but I wasn’t sure in which modality. One day I was drawn to play the Divine Awakening CD. Then I googled some of the expressions the Seraphim had used and, finally, I began to understand what the words meant. They matched those used in reference Candle-shaped_Ornament_Purple[1]to the Violet Flame of St Germain when describing the way the flame blasts all negativity from the trillions of cells in the human body. I discovered that ‘the body’s sacred geometry’ refers to human DNA. A person’s ‘original blueprint’ refers to his or her original soul, which is a ‘spark’ of God/Source.

The other area which connected closely to the channelling was the healing properties of

Thai gong Badagnani at the English language Wikipedia

Thai gong. Badagnani at Wikipedia

sound. Hey presto, the light went on. I realised I had my answer and Pandora became a sound healer who incorporates Violet Flame invocations into her healing.

So nine years after the original channelling, it has all come to pass. As it turned out, it’s not me who’s the hands-on healer, but Pandora. Through her, I’m spreading the word, which is great news for my back.

When I asked Damian for permission to adapt the actual words of my channelling to use in the second book, Squaring Circles, he came up trumps. His reply was: ‘It is beautiful to see that what was seeded in Egypt is taking fruit.’

Oh, and by another stroke of luck, he agreed to provide the cover image.  

Squaring Circles is published on 26 September 2014.

Damian Nola is also known as Aminya Nanga Mai