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512px-Kwan_yin_(green_gulch)[1]The eastern goddess of compassion, Quan Yin, has a walk-on part in all three novels in the Pandora series. I’ve been looking through some old papers and I found this healing prayer addressed to Quan Yin.  If you want to send healing, loving thoughts to someone, here it is:

I love the love of God in my soul and I love the love of God in the soul of (name of person). 

This is to be said three times morning and evening and benefits the recipient greatly.

If you feel like flexing your compassion muscle further, try meditating with the Buddhist goddess Tara.

Start by picturing her sitting on a lotus in the middle of a calm nectar sea.  Breathe deeply in and out of your nostrils, breathing in pure light and breathing out all negativity.  Intone Tara’s mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha, the meaning of which is very far-ranging but379px-Green_tara_1947_wk[1] includes the exhortation for the goddess to swiftly liberate us from suffering and fear. Visualise white nectar flowing from Tara’s heart down through your crown into your body and mind and contemplate Tara’s wisdom entering into you so that you receive all the wisdom that Tara possesses. 

Secondly, while still reciting the mantra, imagine nectar entering your heart while you receive all the power to guide others that Tara possesses. 

Thirdly, visualize the nectar entering your body and mind and with it the great compassion that Tara possesses.  Continue to recite the mantra and imagine the nectar in every atom of your body. In this blissful state, wish all beings well and resolve to benefit all with whom you come into contact. 

Finally, imagine becoming one with goddess Tara so that you are an identical being of wisdom, power and compassion, spreading your goodness to all you meet and liberating them from suffering and fear.

Quan Yin’s prayer and Tara’s meditation are perfect examples of using ‘the goddess within’.